I had a relationship once that was beautiful. I was in love. IN LOVE. The kind of love so deep that you didn’t have to tell her. You could just look at her and she knew how you felt. And she would look at back you with those eyes of hers that spoke a million feelings in a single gaze. That kind of love that was soul clenching, and you couldn’t be without her.

I would talk to her for hours everyday. All the time. Text messages, Skype calls. We were together, inseparable. She was my best friend. My great love.

But then something happened. I threw it away. I walked away. I couldn’t handle it. I was afraid of the future. Looking back on it now, I was a fool to throw that away. Because I knew she would have held on with all of herself. And I would have too, if I wasn’t so fearful.

So here is what I have to say: if you have the kind of love, that unspoken, heart quivering, soul clenching love between you and somebody, hold onto it. Carry it with you. Is it a burden? No, because that other person is there with you, holding it too. You don’t have be afraid, because that love will see you through to the end.